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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account:

Ban Reason: 

Information about your ban:
This account and my four other friends' accounts were banned for the reason "botting."  As a core Naxx group, we had been farming the Azshara tokens off the bosses for Recipe Tokens.  The four bosses are Furbolg, Rallister, Rogre, and Maldeth.  For the sake of simplification purposes for farming, we all made characters with similar names in terms to the bosses they were killing.  When one boss was up, we would say in discord, "Hey guys, Furbolgs up! Log over!."  And then the players who were online at the time would simply log over and kill it.  This farming strategy is commonly used throughout World of Warcraft for desired items.  The rogues we all made together were properly attuned to Azshara Crater via getting PvE and PvP tokens.
Additional Information:

These characters we used to farm Azshara tokens were all manually controlled by players from different IP addresses and different computers (this can be verified by the Retro-WoW staff).  I could see how the names would be sketchy since they were all similar, but it was just a friend group trying to stay organized.  When players would enter our vicinity, we would all gang up on them and try and kill them for bosses.  Unfortunately, this angered some people.  People quickly accused us of multi-boxing and made it known that we were reported.  I even talked to a player and explained to him that we were all friends logging over at the same time.  He called this method a waste of time and said he was still reporting us.  No sweat off our backs initially because we weren't breaking any rules.  But nonetheless, we were banned for "botting."  Again, we can see how a quick look at this could seem fishy.  But if you dive deep into it, you can see that every account was separate and not a bot, or etc.

Thanks for your time, I know it will take some in reviewing this case since there is so much going on with it.

Send me the character names via PM.

[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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