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Ayamiss the hunter
Ayamiss the hunter is a very unknown boss on this server. She's the wasp boss. One of her abilities teleports one random player in the group to the altar behind her, then, she summons a larva that is very hard to kill and very fast towards the player in the altar. If the player in the altar is reached by the altar is reached by the larva, the player dies and summons an Elite Wasp in his place.

Yeah, that's some alien shit if you're imaginative enough.

The problem is that:
N°1. the larvas ar inmune to slows, taunts, stuns, etc.
N°2. The larvas have about 2k hp
N°3. The larvas are too fast.
N°4. The larvas spawn too close to the altar.

The solution I suggest:
Lower the larvas' HP to 500 so most classes can just oneshot it.
This solution would keep the mechanics the larvas have (their speed, inmunities, etc) and would make the boss doable by normal groups that enter aq20.

This boss HAS to be the less killed on the server, for many reasons, not only because it's almost impossible to beat of course. But, I think nerfing it a bit for sure would help.
too shitty loot to even bother about this.
(08-05-2019, 10:37 PM)fyochptwitch :) Wrote: too shitty loot to even bother about this.

I disagree, she drops a very nice mace [Stinger of Ayamiss] and some good Tanking gloves [Gauntlets of the inmovable]. Also the bow she drops gives nature resistance, which is good for Princess Huhuran in AQ40 and it also looks pretty good.

3/5 blue pieces she drops are not bad at all and since this instance is supposed to be easier than most, it would be great to give starters a better chance to get loot from it by fixing a boss that is overall way too powerful.

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