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I think it would be super fun to have Transmog on the server Smile think it would add another layer of engagement in the community and would encourage people to play more.

I think you can do what warmane did in their 3.3.5 server and make 2 scrolls, one that copies the appearance of a piece of armor or weapon onto another and one that removes the appearance. Make those scrolls have a chance to drop from raid bosses.

I also thought of an NPC that you would talk to save your current appearance, then you equip you normal gear and talk to the NPC again to apply the appearance you saved before. Similar to what others npcs already do to change your race.

I think transmog is a really cool feature private servers often implement and is one that most succesful Pre-cata servers have in common. That is because people like to be able to control and modify how their characters look  and some people even see making their character look cool / completing their transmog as their major goal.

I think most people that have had this idea are afraid to express it for the backlash they could receive from the community or think it's too far fetched for this private server. But I'll take the risk of suggesting this idea. I know someone who reads this might think implementing this would be too much work or nearly impossible, but if taken seriously I think this could be accomplished. Thanks for reading Big Grin.
not a fan of the transmog system, I have my fun with low level greens and other drops, pic related

[Image: ximg.php?fid=81328487]
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
Haha Kranton! +rep on you sir
Transmog is for roleplayers
I think transmog will be one more layer of engagement for the players and something that would make them more attached to their characters and the game overall. I think customization is one of the most entertaining forms of content that an MMORPG can provide Smile

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