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Yucifer Raid ID Scamming and Selling on his Secret Infamous Alt "Starfol"
Hello there!!

So, I had the strangest, most peculiar incident happen tonight. I was about to enter Naxx and for the first time try to down KT. I made the full group. We spent a while gathering buffs. Then when we tried to enter, the instance was full. I couldn't work out for the life of me, who would block this Raid ID (which had been mostly a guild run, was friendly and successful the entire way).

Anyway, the characters blocking us turned out to be 1 guy on two accounts. He had created two naked characters called "Starfol" and "Ethimos", as can be seen from the screenshot here:

I asked him who was his main and he wouldn't answer. I asked him for the reason why he was blocking, and he said "because I will sell the Raid ID in World Chat to a Guild". When I told people in World Chat he was blocking, many people expressed their hatred for this unknown player "Starfol".

Luckily, a GM was online and managed to contact me. I couldn't even guess who was this guys main characters, so I listed everyone who had been in the raid to the GM, and he said it was non of them. Then i remembered, that there was this BIS Rogue called "Yucifer" who joined for Sapphiron, and even though we were successfully killing him, Yucifer just randomly ran away and alt+f4'd at 70% health. 

We killed Sapph the 4 of us, but everyone was like "wtf?? Why did the rogue go offline and leave??". It was really strange, but we just continued anyway. 

Anyway, the GM then confirmed (via checking the IP address), that it was this sneaky Rogue "Yucifer", who had used his two other alt accounts and naked characters to then enter and Hijack + Block the Raid ID. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! This guy joined, with the intention of Alt F4'ing on Sapphiron, and then Raid ID blocking and selling the ID to others in World chat.

Ultimately the GM removed & gave Yucifer a 48 hour temporary ban. He was a brilliant GM, but I can't remember his name sadly. 

Conclusion - TL.DR:

There is a rogue called "Yucifer", who is seemingly famous on his alt accounts called "Starfol", for griefing and hijacking raid ID's. He joins raids on his BIS rogue, then enters and fake disconnects on boss (as to not draw any suspicion towards himself). Then he logs his other two accounts, and enters and blocks the ID's, until the legitimate players give up, and he then sells the Raid ID's on to people in World Chat.

Overall, the GM was great for helping us clear the ID blocker and finish the raid - but a 48 hour suspension  seems extremely lenient for this type of behaviour, (e.g. joining raids, with the secret intention to wipe and prevent said group) - which is intentionally disruptive and a 100% scam.

So, please - understand that it was very hard to catch this guy, (because even I almost forgot he joined on rogue, and it will be very unlikely that others realise it's Yucifer raid ID blocking). But his naked alt "Starfol", was famous in trade for this behaviour. Therefore, if he's every caught for this behaviour again (even if months from now), please Perma ban his main account on his character "Yucifer".

Thanks for your time & for reading.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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