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Abusive player
When you report a player, make sure you give us the right informations about the reported player. 

Information needed: 

1. Character name: "Roseellen", and "Dogshyt"
2. Reason: Abusive threat: "Kill yourself"
3. Proof(Screenshot, video): Screenshot posted as attachment. Can provide video also. If more information is required, please reach out. Thank you.

Add attachement feature not working.

1. Players are not allowed to comment on different reports, if you have something else to report or add, please open a new report and leave valid proofs inside of that new report. 
2. Only full screen screenshots will be accepted as a valid proof. Video is acceptable also. Only parts of the screenshots will not be accepted. Only full non-modified images/videos are accepted.
3. Use ignore function intended within the game /ignore (playername). This is meant for verbal harrasment if the harrasment continues even after ignore, please report in this section. 

(It is really important to follow these notes, not following them will lead your thread into being closed automatically, and you could also be accused of opening a false player report)

Official Retro-WoW Rules and Regulations, please check them out
Retro-WoW (Rules and Regulations)

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Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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