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Dumb question about PvP and PvE
Hi Smile
This is my first time on WoW vanilla, and I'm confused on one aspect of the game: I used to have characters with dual spec (I always played in WOTLK or above) to have a build for the PvP and one for the PvE.
As far as I know, here in vanilla there isn't the possibility to have a dual spec; so, what should I do if I want to use the same character for both PvP and PvE? (e.g. with a warrior, DPS for PvP and tank for PvE)
Starting two different characters for each pvp and pve is worth a thought, since racials like undead's Will of the Forsaken can have a crucial role in high performing duel situations. Though it's a lot more effort in gearing up two chars.

I've always focused on gearing up just one char for multiple purposes.

Once you know wtf2do re-speccing your talents can be done quickly, but you will also want to swap some keybindings or macros, so it might take you 5 to 10 minutes everytime you change plans. The costs for re-speccing caps at 50g (speak to your trainer), which is absolutely affordable once u get started.

One more random fun fact about the inconvenience of OG Vanilla: shamans can only wield two-handed weapons with 11 points in a certain talent. Within the level60 raid groups, shamans were (mostly) only useful as a healer, refusing to spent these points/prefering deep healing specs. But losing this talent meant also losing all the weapon proficiency you slowly built all over this everlasting grind to 60 with different weapons

So when you got bored of spamming chainheal through your windfury groups and wanted to realese your fury with smashing ally scum faces in battlegrounds you were doomed to level your weapon proficiency from 0 to 300 again, chasing lvl11 boars in Durotar for a minimum of several hours Big Grin

so yea, re-speccing is kinda convenient here ; )
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Respec'ing is not that expensive.
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