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Report Harassment, saying lie
1. Character name: Masturbait

2. Reason:

This guy is saying that i'm multiboxing and that he want me to be bann and report. He keep saying that i'm a guy name "Addny", but i'm not and i'm not abusing anything or multiboxing. And he says that he take screen of proof and wanna report me.

I play with him (Masturbait) yesterday and asked him if he was the author of the last reporting post of this section ( cause we can see his name on the screenshots. And Then he think i'm this guy and that i'm multiboxing. But again i'm not.

So i want that guy to stop lying about me, stop saying stupid things about me. I'm a 30 year old guy and i like playing here and i dont wanna be bann cause of this lie an that is why i decide to write here. And i'm afraid to be bann cause i spent 110€ on my characters and like playing here, and that guy want to report and bann me for something i didnt do.

Please take care of this guy cause i dont wanna be afrain anymore, and i'm afraid to loose my character (sorry for my english but im french).

3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

See attachments.

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Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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