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Future of the retrowow
Hello guys,

My name is Simon, and i have a question for you.

I'm a professional musician, i teach most of the time, i'm a master choir, i'm leading 4 choir and ... i do like playing wow classic (i mean in retrowow server).

I don't really have the time to farm, so sometimes i buy some items with real gold.

Im a new born onthis serveur and i do enjoy soooo much playing on this serveur, and, i know these server is online for a lot of time but :
I would like to know if there is any risk (i really hope not) that some day this server is getting shutdown (maybe due to several reason  including hack, bllizard threat, DMCA, ... ?).

Cause i really do like chilling, doing pvp on this server and i dont wanna this to be stopped. I'll continue playing on this server, and probably buying cause i'm so enjoying it so far.

Thanks to all of you that read, and maybe comment.

Cheers to all of you Smile
PS : sorry for my english but i'm french.
dont' worry be happy
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
Thanks for responding Smile
This server exist since 5years. I think as long as there are people donating it will keep the server up. Last year there was a core upgrade, new scripting with alot of fixes that followed. So the server was made new to be played for a long time again. I honestly thought many people would leave for Blizzard Classic WoW but for now it seems that the server population didnt change as much as I expected. Looks like not alot people left this server for new WoW
is retro wow going to tbc?

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