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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Lilsyphilis
Ban Reason: gold buying
Information about your ban: I was banned around two months ago for gold buying from another website

Additional Information:
I returned around two months to the server as classic vanilla was hyped, and wanted to try a warlock, got spammed by various nicknames for cheap gold and gave it a go.
In the past I have donated towards Retro-WoW numerous times from my other accounts (dolmen,sommerset,dolmen1) supporting the project not only financially but also by voting. I just hope for a bit of understanding from my point of view, I would never do anything to disrupt the game play for other players or harm the project in anyway (cheats, hacks, toxicity). I just hope for a second chance to play my warlock but if thats not possible I understand and wish you all the best.

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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