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Ive been banned for so long and all because i wrote in chat?
Please can I get unbanned. I dont get why I have been banned for so long over just a mute.

Ive been banned for so long all because i wrote back to those idiots in world?
I still dont know 100% why i have been banned, the talking I did was so small it doesnt seem like someone can ban you over it. Was it because I kept typing back after I was muted? IS that why? its not like i speed hacked
all i wanted was to buy thick obsidian breastplate and people kept trolling me in world for 1 month about it so i told them off.

I should of only gotten like 3 days of mute or something. The reason even says seek help. It didnt say i bought gold or speed hacked. Ok so I was talking about sexy stuff and trolling people because I was mentally weird? and then I wrote a second time after I was muted. who cares. Worth a perm ban? No way.

People have done way worse and spammed anal and then pretended to be game masters and guess what? nothing happened to them.

Account: Masonz

Appeal declined.


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