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Bypassing ignore / Multi boxing WSG
1. Character name: Rogiyo , Lockiyo
2. Reason: By passing ignore system, toxicity and multi boxing in warsong gulch
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):
[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122727.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122732.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122738.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122744.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122803.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122812.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122853.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122858.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-122918.jpg]

[Image: Wo-WScrn-Shot-092719-123017.jpg]

Player Rogiyo/Lockiyo (Mageshu`s alts, banned char?) was spamming me from all his alts today even though I ignored him on everything.

Then he logged two alts (Lockiyo/Rogiyo) to join same bg so he can gank me.

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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