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Raid resets and ID's
I understand some may not be possible but if any of them could be implemented it would help players find consistent raid groups easier.

1.) Move instance reset time 4-6 hours forward (i.e. 9am server instead of 3am server)?  I think that would benefit US players without adversely affecting the EU players.  It currently falls in the middle of when US players typically play.
2.) Change resets to the same day each week (i.e. Tue / Thu / Sun)?
3.) Add the ability to extend raid ID's?
Bump.  Really only need #1 implemented if possible.
Bump. NA daylight savings time has made the timing less convenient.
I agree with kloze, the timing makes things difficult for us
#3 would be great. Me and my friends are struggling to clear Naxx and just to get to Sapp/KT as a group of five friends who has partners and kids and lives in general has turned out to be nearly impossible.
Bump, any progress on this whether yes or no?
(01-23-2020, 03:58 AM)kloze Wrote: Bump, any progress on this whether yes or no?

seems like no Sad
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