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Hunter Pet Woes... Help.
I have been having a tremendous amount of trouble with my hunter pets. I have tried taming from the pet zone and also from the wild. I spend tons and tons of hours feeding them thousands of food. I've taken them into bgs, grinding in the world, etc. I let them get hungry before I feed them.

But they never level up beyond loyalty 1 no matter how hard I work on them. Worst of all, every now and then I get called away by work or family and accidentally leave my hunter on afk for 30 min or so, and when I come back my pet has abandoned me completely.

It basically makes the hunter miserable to play solo in pve because you can never get your pet leveled up enough to have max rank growl and maybe another ability or two so it can hold aggro.

Is there something I am doing wrong here?

Help please!

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