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Reset Buffs/bars upon joining arena

First of all big thanks to retro wow team for providing us this amazing arena system.

I noticed it's currently very easy to join arenas buffed like it was a KT encounter (world buffs, flasks, zg pot, pala/druid/priest buff, sayge). It is also very easy to abuse various things in arena such as 5%/sec food or joining arena with 100 rage. 

Even though i have to admit it can be fun, this obviously creates a big imbalance.  i know that vanilla is not balanced but this adds another layer.

The most simple solution imo would be to reset buffs and hp/mana/rage bars upon joining arena., aswell as allowing pvp food only (from arathi/warsong reputation vendors).

Thanks for reading !

Quick edit: the use of consumables in arena is also a bg issue. basicaly the richest player wins

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