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Mcrottenjaw unban pls
Hi i got ban today becaus some dude harrsed me today on Alterac i said to hime to stop speaking to me and found irl friend and stop arguying with me but instead of that he just said i was mad and blabla i said to hime to stfu and to stop arguying with me and he said he will report me for that ....
but at the begining i was speaking to the battleground chanel .... he just came at me and said me to stfu im not the kind of man who report people becaus i have other thing to do i'm an artist and play casualy on this servor but i'm tired to be ban by random people who started to wisped me becaus they are anrgy or with no friends .....
and now i get band becaus of a fucking dude who turteling ....
i'v asked to ban this dude Trtle becaus all AV week'end he just turtle every time and waste our time and now i get becaus i said to hime to stop doing that and get ban becaus a random dude said me to STFU i just defend my self and he reported me that not really fair so pls unban me and have nice November and thanks you again for your amzing job on this servor PEACE AND LOVE

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
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