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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Kilometer
Ban Reason: Accsharing.
Information about your ban: On the date i was banned, Somebody hacked into epicsauce's account and was going off in the server's world chat about the guild he used to run "WHATEVER WERE AWESOME" and was talking down on it & its members and went on to delete the guild as being the guild master creating controversy with everyone in it, saying he was quitting the server as a whole, making a scene in the mall of him deleting all his gear and etc, leading to up to hacker giving out his information in world chat . (posted in a report below) While this was all going down I tried to get a hold of epicsauce on discord and asked if he was actually quitting and was acting this way, Getting in instant reply that he wasn't, I told him he was getting hacked and other people we're trying to get a hold of him as well. In the process I took the info that was being spammed in world chat and i went logging in to change the password in a quick reaction to just try and help epicsauce not get his account taken by somebody else, and changed the password back later on once he got home. Later on my accounts were banned and my ip along with it. In no way was i purposely trying to account share, I was just trying to help out a dear friend. Everything that i can provide of the day is below.
Additional Information:  <- Report of the hacker giving out his info.  <- Screenshot from that post above.  <- Me and epicsauces conversation on discord at the time this was all going down.

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
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