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Hi i got Ban becaus someone reported me but i did'nt do anything wrong exept telling to this dude to stop anoying me after that he repported me for insult but that not the truth i just said to hime to chill and found irl friend instead of wasting my time he told me he will report me for saying that i said well do what ever you whant(next time dn't speak with me)...
so now i got ban becaus i said in the BG chanel that is bad to Turteling in Av week-end and now i got ban for that i don't understand why you ban me i vote every day i never really in sulted someone who didn't do it first i'm casual i play on retrowow sometime for fun.
I'v seen people using hack and bad stuff i just defend my self against this random dude and after that he get mad and repport me but i didn't take any screen shot abt what he said me i guess he did .....
but i was right to tell him to stp arguying with me for a "game" so pls unban me next time i will just ignore him and don't answer, or tell me how much time i'm ban i have no information about that .....
Pls Ossirian help me im casual and good guy i promess you this is the last time im not a bad personne i just get amd sometime when a dude come and argue with me without reason ...
but i didn'(t do something wonrg we have just arguying abt turtle people for 2 min ....
that not really harassing for 2 min especialy when this dude wisped me first ....
but again i have no proovs becaus i don't have any screen shot i don't waste my time repporting people who bowser me in the game becaus a lot of people are Toxic so i don't waste my time but pls Ossirian un ban me i really promess i will just ignore them and stop arguying Smile 

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
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