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resurrect open pvp / BG Group sign in
Hey guys i think you all see, since "wow classic server" has gone online, the server pupulation here has shrinked alot.

My suggest to regain some people back to is the following:

Make it possible to "sign in" as group in arathibasin and alterac valley maybe with a group limit of 5, maybe as a complete of 15 or 40, test it whats better ...

Make open pvp more attractive:
- delete the open pvp areas because no body uses them and to get more Population on one other area (Azshara crater)

- edit Azshara crater (where to farm recipes and more), to get more competition there:
Give a little more space to fight. Mops are too close
Make map available maybe minimap.
make it possible to see enemy player on map, that will make it to a realy dangerous and contested area Smile
Put in a counter, if you kill 20 people you get a extra buff maybe 20% more dmg against mops.
So its attractive for guys they just want to farm mops to do pvp first and so u gain competition  Smile
Buff will be lost after 60 minutes or if an enemy gets more recent kills than you

Make arena more attractive maybe 10 pvp marks for a win and some points to get an title like gladiator champion or something like this.
Sounds like you just want it more casual friendly, strongly disagree

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