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Hey Guys,

we did nefarian like an hour ago, and i won the chestpiece roll on horde side for the warriors T2 chestpiece.

I could not loot it, eventhough i was the raidleader and i tried every option with relog & stuff.

i've got some screenshots as approval , all the other party members except jebwlock already left

I'm very sad, because its the last piece missing for full T2 Sad

Maybe you can help me somehow Smile

Horde / Alli loot ?!
If yes, than masterloot have to give it to you.

It was horde side and i was the masterlooter, we tried everything but it didnt work...

it's gone
I was there... It was in grouploot and the warrior did win the roll, but he didn't receive the loot somehow.
After that there was no way for him to loot it....

Sad but true, I hope you will get your well deserved item mate!

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