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AV nerf
So, I dont know if I'm the only one that's noticed this, or is annoyed by this but during AV weekend, no one does anything else than farm AV. No raids go on etc etc. Even during other bg weekends people just farm AV and ignore the other bgs due to they can save up their AV marks for AV weekend and get an absurd amount of gold.

4.5k in my opinion is too much for 10 AV marks.
I suggest setting the normal gold for marks amount to 2k, then on AV weekend being increased to 3k.

Yes many people will complain about this but 4.5k is insane.
i think there is no way to get into an av bg's otherwise the week before the bonus starts and the weekend itself.
For me it is more frustrating to waste hours in arathito get 100 marks and then trade them for "just" 18k.

the rates from arathi and warsong are not attractive.

The way should be a rateing like this:

warsong 2k
arathi 2k
alterac 3k

one BG should have a better rate like the others and the rest should just get the same rate.
If you assume 15 minutes per game on average, winning 1 out of 2 games, assuming no downtime, you get 8 AV marks per hour. That translates to ~3600g per hour, which really isn't that much. 

In reality you have to wait in queue and 15 minutes is probably a far too optimistic average time, so gold per hour will be even lower.
2k for AV without bonus or 3k with it is really not enough.

You must wait long time to enter (I must wait 30 - 40 minutes sometime) and it can be a very long to finish it when it goes turtle (yesterday, 1 alterac take 1h40 to finish, imagine the frustation of people who stayed there this time for just 1 mark 450g ?)

If nobody go on others bgs when it's AV weekend, nobody will go on AV if there is no week end bonus just for 2k 10 marks.

As Laxxi said 3600g per hour is not that much, you can do the same with yetis farm (without counting the flasks you will get in boxes)

If AV slow down all others activities, the good news is that it's only every 3 weeks :-)
Ex hardcore gamer playing Retro WoW as a casual for the nostalgia of Vanilla Wink

Wsg 1k is perfect. Cus you can do a premade. You need like 5-10mins per wsg and
when you increase the Gold we will have much more Premades.
And Premades are only fun if you play Premade vs Premade.
Farming starters on Gy isnt funny.

4,5k is much but i dont think it should be much less cus ppl will not going to av than anymore.
Than you can go to other BG's.

I think the problem is more that ppl only want the gold and not a good fight.
I play PVP cus its fun and not cus i get much gold for it.
And for all the ppl who are still buying the gear with gold instead of going raiding. With raiding you get you gear much faster and easier.
For AB you have to get more gold than in WSG cus more ppl play wsg than AB.

sry for my bad english :/

You probably never had a 2h AV game to understand.

Also, to "sell" something - in this case, make other BGs more attractive, you need to increase the gold in-take and not destroy something else.
or i dont farm gold to buy gear.
I just farmed my gear with every char in raids.
and i did much longer avs believe me.

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