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Group Queue
This has probably been suggested already, however for those who do play the objective and don't enjoy playing with idiotic players, allow a party to queue AV, as well as AB. 5 players in a party, no raid groups. This will allow players who enjoy/want to play with each other can enjoy bgs more.

So similar to a premade for WSG but nerfed so that it's relatively more fair. Or even make it 3man groups maximum. I know that a few players do enjoy playing with each other as they all focus the objective and get irritated when others just derp around.

we had that and it was horrible
we had only premade farming in every bg.
Its was more than annoying for solo player. Every WSG or AB was the opposite of objektive playing. 9 ppl farm enemy GY and 1 run flag. im happy that i can solo que AB/AV and dont get farmed from a group with 2-3 t3 palas.

having 2-3 people queing is not malicious and if u are getting farmed ur the one to blame, get better.
everyone gets farmed when 1-2 t3 palas heal. Just believe me we had that and it was not good.
And i know im f*cking bad :*(
We see us in BG when you get 2 shoted from me Smile
Have a nice day


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