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A New Pvp mode - Guild - Big battle
Hello, I would like to propose a new type of pvp.
I thought about this:

- Each guild would be represented by a "boss" who would be at a given place or at the end of a dungeon / raid.

- The level / difficulty of the boss would be represented by the number of members of the guild.

- The other guilds / players could attack this "boss" and win some honor or golds.

- Guild members can defend their boss when attacked. They automatically teleport to the boss if they accept. Rule : Defenders can be max 70% of the enemy team (number). The fight end when one team (include boss is dead) or there is a timer? For exemple the timer is big when the number of people in guild in big cause they have a good boss.

- When guild members succeed in defending the boss, they gain honor and only honor.

- The boss amasses golds where he is placed (commision when pple kill mobs for exemple, but cannot take item). When players kill the boss they collect the golds.
- The limit of the boss being set at 15k golds?

- When a boss is killed, it takes 2 days to replace another.

What do you say about that?

Best regards, 
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sounds like pve

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