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RetroWoW: Sanctioning System
[DISCLAIMER:] Before I begin I want to clearly state that despite the fact I received a ban 2 days ago, that this topic is not a ban appeal at all even thought I will refer on it to further constructively elaborate on my 4 specific following suggestions.
I repeat that this is not a ban appeal; I do not intend nor am asking to be unbanned.
SUGGESTION #1 (information)
Hi, upon account creation, RetroWoW presents the following disclaimer to newcomers:
"By accessing this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the server rules.
If you do not agree to be bound by all of these Terms of Use and the server rules, please leave this site immediately."
=> This disclaimer is written in all-white color format, along with zero displayed visual indication of any link whatsoever apart from the word "these".
=> This indirectly leaves responsibility in the reader's hands; to assume a link, and to proceed to manually mouse over "Terms of Use".
=> Which is what happened to me, due to this all-white text color disclaimer with zero displayed visual link indication; upon account creation I assumed that the link "Terms of Use" represented the statement "Terms of Use and the server rules." together as a whole, rather than possibly directly seeing and knowing that "server rules" is a second link.

The TOS itself also does not redirect the reader to any link toward the "server rules" at all either; this has dangerous devastating potential, as happened to me, to leave the newcomer completely unarmed and unaware of these additional server rules.
=> I myself had fully read the TOS, making sure I followed everything, but yet I only learned about these additional server rules for the very first time 2 days ago, right after receiving a ban.
=> I believe that this is destructive for the RetroWoW project.
=> I put forth as a server suggestion that this be addressed.
SUGGESTION #2 (mentioning a server)
Furthermore, the reason for my ban is said to be for "advertising", due to these additional rules stating the following, in Rule 23;
Rule 23)  Advertising another server (Discussing about other servers in global channels will be also considered as advertising)
1 the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc., especially by paid announcements in newspapers and magazines, over radio or television, on billboards, etc.:
to get more customers by advertising.
2 paid announcements; advertisements.
3 the profession of planning, designing, and writing advertisements.

Mentioning a product, and, advertising a product, are 2 different things.
=> I mentioned a server in a one on one conversation with someone, I did not advertise a server.
=> To prevent further unfortunate misinformed scenarios such as mine to continue reoccurring to other people in the future, I put forth as a server suggestion, that within these additional rules, the Rule 23 be edited to rather state:
Rule 23)  Mentioning another server
SUGGESTION #3 (escalating)
In this day and age, World of Warcraft private servers are one of the last few existing places in the world where the people can appreciate the freedom of speaking without fear of violent forceful escalation, be it physical or digital.
=> This is mostly due to the amazing feature (and responsibility) in this video game for each individual having the power to /ignore anybody they dislike even slightly.
=> I strongly believe that these countless scaring RetroWoW additional subjective rules, which take away said amazing freedom, are significantly harmful to the experience of the individual, and to the RetroWoW server.
=> I put forth as a server suggestion, that these harmful speech babysitting escalating rules be removed.

SUGGESTION #4 (productivity)

I believe having created my RetroWoW in game account a decent amount of time ago, however I had only started actually playing here perhaps around 3, maybe 4 months ago; casually farming I only got to a point with zero professions to just achieve one single character in complete 8-piece tier 2 gear, along with Naxxramas weapons and offsets, and not much else.

As I was writing my ban appeal attempt yesterday, I browsed the forum section of ban appeals and looked at a decent amount of them; doing so, what I witnessed is so many people with not just 1 year, or just 2 years, or 3 years, but with many years participated within RetroWoW, so many people with individually impressive amounts of multiple characters with different BiS sets, people with impressive amounts of impact and time spent powering the activity level of the RetroWoW realm, having been a respectable beneficial long term RetroWoW result, people elaborating on the honesty of their repentance of one mistake, sincerely begging for a second chance to the point of literally while banned choosing to preemptively donate to the server prior to even posting their ban appeal, just as a form of gesture of their heart.
=> Only to repeatedly, religiously, receive the one same cold non-elaborated "Ban appeal declined." copy pasted comment followed by an instant topic lock; I found reading some of these so heart breaking.

I seriously believe that such lack of empathy and communication is not productive, nor constructive, and that it significantly hurts the RetroWoW project as a whole.
=> Professionally strictly sanctioning for deliberate hacking; I put forth as a server suggestion, a sanctioning format along the lines of as follows:
1st Ban: 6 Months
2nd Ban: 2 Years
3rd Ban: Permanent
Feel free to share a comment to express agreement, however what I am mostly looking for is for people who are in disagreement with 1 of these 4 suggestions to specifically elaborate why that is.
=> Note that as you express disagreement; if you only address some of the 4 suggestions, it will be assumed that you agree with the one(s) you did not address.
Ossirian doesn`t care much , perma bans are often given and almost never an appeal is being approved. There is no flexibility from his side, even if population would drop to 20 people, it will still be the same.

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