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has a GM run amok? banning people?
i was doing some Av's today on my druid and i was at horde side, we got wiped at stormpike gy so i stayed with my corpse there instead of going on turtleing like some did

then we took stormpike gy again while our team was turtling and i could release but after a min or two i got banned

i don't know if they send a message to your email but i don't really remember the email i used for this server

is this normal that admins bann people for this or has one admin gone rogue?

Please write ban appeal in the correct subforums.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
indeed, however i don't have the email i used for this server so i don't know what i got banned for as we were several people waiting for the stormpike graveyard to be retaken so we could release instead of going to turtle and prolounge the game

is there a way to see why i got banned and by who without my email?

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