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Redo BG weekends
BG weekends are meant to encourage variety in our play, and it has worked, to some degree. But I think this could be done better.

Problem: The current system isn't affecting just the weekend, since you can gather up marks for an upcoming weekend. This means that every day is BG weekend for every single BG, as long as you are not capped (100marks). And when every day is every BG weekend it results in no days being BG weekend, and less variety, since people will mostly go for the highest gold rate.

Also, I think the gold to time ratio of AV is a bit high at the moment.

Suggestion: Redo BG weekends so that, instead of getting 50% more gold, you get 100% more marks during the weekend only. This would nullify the problem mentioned above.

Also, set the standard gold reward for AV to 2,5k gold instead of 3k.

Mvh, Durzi
What, your script is made obsolete by the fact that people play AV? You deserve this tbh.

Flame aside, he is right, people only queue AV (and rush boss with bis tanks and heals, 7 min win) and sometimes AB, get 100 marks to each alt and turn them for HUGE amount of gold in the AV weekend.

It should be the same amount of gold for each battleground. 4.5k gold for AV with 7 min wins means a BiS char in a week. Who will donate for gold anymore Ossirian? If he still cares, that is.

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