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ban appeal
Ossirian can you tell me how much time i will be ban is just a question Ossirian.
i just aske how many day i'm ban and i'm preatty nice i'v wished you guys an happy new year and blessing so pls answer to my question have nice day again brother Smile
ps: sorry again for the drama and said to this player he was noob 5/10 death,next time i will just shut my mouth and not argue with the other player i don't like report like colobarator in secound world warr but if i need too for play i will Smile
Hope you happy budy i can't do more than that i'm honest i apalogies sincerly and honestly to you and him i can't do more than that :/ pls let me know how much time i'm baned or pls unban me boss im really sorry but can't do more than apologies and wish you happy new years so if you want ban me for ever just answer me pls Smile i go back wicther3 Big Grin Wink

Character name?
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