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ban appeal
Char name Mcrottenjaw,Olmecspirit
Hi Ossirian can you pls unban me i'v learn my lesson and again im sorry about the drama pls tell me how much time i im ban.
Im so sorry again for the drama and said to this player he was noob for 5/10 death,next time i will just shut my mouth I promess to do not argue anymore with the other player just ignor or bl him.
I'm honest person and i know when surander,i apalogies sincerly and honestly to you and him i can't do more than that :/ pls let me know how much time i'm baned or pls unban me brother im really sorry but can't do more than apologies and wish you happy new years a good day best regards Julian [Image: smile.png] i go back wicther3 [Image: biggrin.png] [Image: wink.png]

Your account is banned for the period of 7 days, and it can not be unbanned.

Closed thread.
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