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Retro-WoW Addons
Hi all, me and Ninjaekorn have been working on rewriting some addons to work better in retro wow. In some cases it is just a matter of rewriting for Cross-faction compatibility whilst others have completely new functions added. As a general rule you should never accept addons from people you don't trust, since you can be "hacked" in-game. I therefore urge you to come back here to vouch for the addons that you have confirmed are legit, also, feel free to report bugs.

Here follows a list of addons with descriptions and reworked functionality explained, any updates will also be noted.

Enemy Frames
Description: This addon provides unit frames for all enemy players in the battleground, it also tracks enemy casts and debuff timers.
Reworked version: Crossfaction have made this addon a bit buggy since the factions don't work normaly in BGs, we fixed that and added arena 2v2/3v3 as valid BGs.

Paly Power
Description:  This addon provides a frame for easy buffing of paladin blessings.
Reworked version: Added Shamans as a valid buff target.

Lazy Pig
Description: This addon is a bunch of quality of life functions that works invisibly in the background.
Reworked version: LOTS of added functions (Highly recommended).. I will let this image speak for it.

More Addons to come..

I hereby vouch that none of the files I link here have any malware or malicious intent in/around them.

Best regards, Durzi.
Lazy Pig comes in quite handy xD

...Thank you so much Durzi!
Thanks Durz !
i will try them this weekend and let you know. thank you for your input Wink
Downloaded and used today! Works perfectly and of course is safe to download!

Thanks very much for the time and effort put into this!
You've done a great works on those addons, man! Durzi +1

Note: Lazypig have a lot of function added for retro's playr like auto repair, auto duel mode, auto roll on naxx scraps and so on Wink
"Light Be With You"
I tested your addons and all look great mate, thanks for sharing.

Is it possible to add auto herb/mining loot on lazypig?
Good work Big Grin
suggestion: could you make auto release not happen while in AV? then its perfect!
[Image: JJ9Qmy1.png]

with Khalesia xD
I noticed that enemy frames addon only shows maximum of 15 players in AV or is it just me?

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