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Retro-WoW Addons
I've been experiencing the same, Johnles.. ^^
How is Lazy Pig? I've been meaning to try it.
Watch me LIVE
[Image: shmn.png] [Image: hunt.png]
--"How is Lazy Pig? I've been meaning to try it. "
It is the extra leg you never knew you needed, but you do.

Thank you all for the feedback, me and ninja are working on more, and we will add your requests/buggfixes to updates later on, except for the auto loot mining/herbing thing (I am pretty sure you can do that by shift clicking)
You can, but what if you have a lazypig do the "shift" for you?Wink
Lazypig is indeed an addon you never knew you wanted xD

has helped out loads Big Grin

try it out! ^^

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