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Capa and his followers
Hi folks!
Happy to be on this server from some months, really nice and fully functional!
I joined as a lot of nostalgic players who lived great adventures in golden age of this game (2005 until some years later). Hyped from official classic release on blizzard in late 2019, I prefer this server because real life, daughter, work and so on can't give me time to play full time and get in raid as in 2005. I really love to raid but hate to waste time (summon 40 ppl, dc, only to raid at certain hours/days... not good now for me) and this is perfect place.
I was an officer and raid leader in old days on Hakkar/Genjuros in some italian guild until I joined on <EX>, best hardcore italian ally guild. We do some first server kills and first european on Maghteridon (while in TBC of course).
Wotlk and other expansion give the time to raid and get bis items trashed so I stop playing.
But can't forget first love so rejoined on all private servers (all gone for various reasons) until joined this who seems perfect for me. You can raid at every hour of every day, reset raid in 48h and only 5 man. Great!
So I create my first char, rogue Capatonda (Maccio Capatonda is a funny italian man  Big Grin) then started to plays with random people. Found some rude and other very good man as Kryminal, who help my party in a dungeon (we was starter, he was god equipped with orange sword) with great patience. This is my attitude too, so I joined <Buff Addict> and create other funny char, all start with Capa... (Capatosta, Capagiusta, Capafresca... and so on).
Yesterday got my Garr binding finally and now I have too the orange sword! Thanks to Sonera and DNS who help me to do some run in molten core.
I'm ready to help everyone and enjoy all content here with good people Smile
"Light Be With You"
Welcome to the server!

Congratulations on your orange sword!
Welcome to the server!  Shy

I registered my account in 2016 I think, but just did some quests and then I also came back here since the blizzard classic release and I'm really enjoying it. Big Grin
Vuq Undead Rogue
Vautrin Undead Priest
Vutumn Undead Warlock
Hiiya Capa!

It's nice to meet you Big Grin

..Look forward to seeing you in-game! ^^

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