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Druid Bear pve bis under problems
Hello, what happens here is that if you check at whats the BIS weapon for Druid Feral Tanking is Warden Staff (

It's a World Drop, but the creep that has the most chance to drop it is Gormarok The Ravager (

Gormarok does not spawn because its a Custom Questing zone, it's at the cave of "Ogres" RetroWoW quest. Also this weapon is not sold, it leave us the only chance to get it at for example Maraudon and Temple of Atal'Hakkar at lower chances. 

I wanted to promote the use of this weapon, its a BIS for all phases, please allow Gormarok The Ravager to spawn.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye bye.
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Isn't a bad replacement and also what I see most druid tanks running. Also the warden staff drops from more mobs than just Gormarok The Ravager so there is always a chance. 

I don't know if it has been confirmed so I can not say for sure but, I believe the drop chance for world epic drops are higher than normal (higher on Retro-WoW than what is listed on wowhead). 

Good luck on your hunt! Also make sure to check the AH from time to time!
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Isn't Manual Crowd Pummeler the go to weapon?
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