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Macro -mouseover
I tried to write a macro for kick with mouseover like this :

/cast [mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Kick

But it didn't work, is mouseover working on 1.12? Same question for [@cursor]
Thanks for answer
Do you know what is totally incomprehensible? It is that the universe is understandable.
/run if UnitExists("mouseover") and UnitName("mouseover")~=UnitName("target") then TargetUnit("mouseover") CastSpellByName("Flash of Light") TargetLastTarget() else CastSpellByName("Flash of Light") end

This will cast Flash of Light at mouseover target, switch the spell names (x2) to any spell you want.

Note that this will still cause you to lose combo points for your target, unless the mouseover is the same target.


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