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EZ AV Tanking
you'll be fine tanking av, you won't have a desarm or shield wall so Vandar and Drekk will hit hard at 20% and being jumped by few players at that moment will be pretty though, but the dps of a feral is also very usefull to end the av first and get those 3 marks everyone wants =)
Oh wow .. Insane xD
mojrmace Wrote:Hi all,

I have been active on the server for almost a year and four months, but I never seen any Druid tanks in av with more hp and tanking stats than my Druid. Therefore, for a couple of days, I had been obtaining all buffs to prepare to tank in av weekend as usually. My goal was to see how much hp would I have!!!

After getting all the buffs (except 2 buffs that would give me 550 more hp as I know), I was hyped to see my Druid's hp reached a new hp record of 20755 hp as my previous hp record was 18700 hp.
                                                  #Bull_Eat_Marshals xD

Did I forget a buff? lol

Nice bear!

av tanking can be fun. I went bonkers with my warr like a while ago xD here I'm missing only few buffs like druid t3-healbonus-hp

[Image: I01DYcQ.jpg]
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
Get a lock with blood pact Smile

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