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hi, made a video few months ago on Retrowow, I though I'd share it here Heart

I'd love to see more videos from our community, during the quarantine I need some wow pvp in my blood and the spellbatching in classic just doesn't really offer good gameplay to watch (or play). I've seen some good players on retrowow lately so if you have some basic knowledge in editing videos, don't hesitate please !

Great video! ^^

Now, I really want to go WSG xD
lol thanks

warsong is the best, can't wait to play this bg again. Maybe one day we'll have it back
During this past BG weekend, WSG was super busy..and really fun!

I wish it would stay like this for good xD
oh jeez sunqt still making videos =/=/=/.
na, not really; I'd like others to make some though. If you're back on retro u should try !
Classic is dead.
Classic died in 2006-2007, whatever came after was just jokes. You can`t call classic either, when everyone is running in absolute bis, you never had in classic backpedaling moonkins moonfire 1k+ or ele shaman 1 shotting etc etc.

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