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Adding Talisman of Binding Shard & Bengal Tiger to the RetroWoW Shop? Please!
Hi there,

I've been playing RetroWoW for 5 years. 

I think it would be awesome to finally implement the option to donate for Talisman of Binding Shard. Despite being a somewhat useless item, I’d love to have it just for the sake of watching a ball of lightning surround my Rogue. I'm a frequent donor who spends at least $1,000+ monthly and wouldn't hesitate to buy it for every single BiS character on my account. As you can see, the item is terrible for PvP; there's nothing OP about it. 

I'm confident the server will generate a good sum of money without compromising the integrity of the game. There are many players on RetroWoW who've shared their agreement over the years. As for pricing, $100-$500 wouldn't bother me or some of my friends in the slightest. Heck, you could even advertise it as being a purchasable item for only a short while, like Ashbringer.

Regarding the Bengal Tiger, it is widely considered to be the "Holy Grail" of tiger mounts and is a personal favorite of mine. Being able to donate for this mount would give me another reason to spend more. 

Kelzo, Ossi, Bam, please consider it!

[Image: qcY2JWs.png]

[Image: 26wGDCw.png]

[Image: RgUjHOM.png]
+1 would love to have a pimp tiger
Yeah +1 I'd buy this
I'd definitely buy this without hesitation
I want it too.Great idea! It will be great for collection.
This sounds like a pretty neat item to have. Doesn't seem to have any game breaking mechanics. People would love to buy rare items, just like Thunder Fury and Mounts. Who doesn't want to flex, right? If you want cash flow income, I strongly suggest you implement more high demand cosmetic items such as these in the game!

p.s. fix baron's door in Undead Strat. Smile
+1 Would definitely donate for this. Seems like something that would make my BiS characters a little more unique.
Yeah, love the binding. Would be cool to have it implemented.

Seems cool...more aoe stacking for for a holy/ret pally aoe farmer. The Mount..pretty sure thats the first time ive seen it...that looks crazy cool. Id say +1 for both
yes i too would like this

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