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Adding Talisman of Binding Shard & Bengal Tiger to the RetroWoW Shop? Please!
I would buy one for my collection ... btw you sould listen to your players what they want if you dont want them to stop playing i ill buy +1 " Lilia
All these accounts above (Ezw, Magud, Miles88, Kaboosetheox,Rapechamber, Rene104), are the same person rofl. Comments posted 1 or two minutes from eachother, similar pattern and their accounts only have one comment overall.

@op, nice try
"There is nothing OP about it" and then watch how the nature damage scales 100% with spell damage.

They're not the same; quit talking out of your ass. If you think I'm lying, ask a GM to see if I'm telling the truth. They'll look up the IP of players like Ezw, Fallenkeough, etc., to validate their comments. I discord with them and can prove it. If you still think I'm lying, ask them in-game and see for yourself. It wasn't until after I mentioned my thread, they immediately created forum accounts to support adding those two items to the RetroWoW store.


Have you ever tried a spell power Rogue? I have, and it sucks! I highly doubt that Talisman of Binding Shard will break the game, but GMs are welcome to test and report back. Meanwhile, nobody is raising their pitchforks about Shamans abusing Rank 1 Searing Totem, which inflicts 220-280 damage per bolt and costs 18 mana versus Rank 6 Searing Totem's 85 damage and 128 mana. 

Don't talk to me about scaling when there are far worse problems at hand.
That's quite the bold assumption you've made, momwf. Play 5 seconds on the server and you'd recognize that these are definitely not all the same people. Just because I don't comment on the forums very often doesn't mean this is a fake account. Been around for a while and never felt the need to comment until now since I actually like this idea. P.S. Queue AV.
+1 to this suggestion

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