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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Dotydot
Ban Reason: Rule 9
Information about your ban: I offend an enemy player which enraged me
Additional Information:

First im sorry about my bad english.
I want to apologize to the offended player, i had an bad day and just need some gaming time for fun.
I got very enraged because he killed me so often and viper sting me all the time so i wasnt able to do anything.

I´m very sorry about that, not just because i got banned, i told him something that i shouldnt do.

I´m Member ob this server since 2017 and i love this server and put so much work and hours in.
Since this time I never got banned, so could you give me please an second chance?

Have a nice day!

Ban appeal accepted.
Ban will be reduced to 72 hours.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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