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Addons not showing in game.
For some reason my addons are not showing ingame. I tried this server and a couple others as well and the same results. I do know how to download and install addons, i have a sticky post on another private server that has a big list of addons and how to properly install them on expansions TBC, WoLK, Cata, and MoP. This is my first time on a Vanilla server and was wondering if there is something different on how to add them. I looked on line and it should be the same way to install as all the other expansions.

Generally its as follows for the other expansions...
1) Find and download an addon for the expansion you are playing, as in this case its Vanilla...
2) Most addons come in a form of a zipped folder so you need to extract the contents in the zipped folder and put it in your wow folder/Interface/AddOns folder...
3) Start game and once you are on your characters list on the lower left corner is a button that says "Addons", you click that button and at the top of the list a check box that says "Load out of date addons".

I did all that and they are not showing in game. As i said before that i'm new to Vanilla and wondering if there is something missing. Undecided
Usually i've encountered a problem if the addon folder name is for example "Onebag-master". 
Most of the times there is a subfolder with the addon itself. So try to delete the master folder or rename it.
Just remove the "-master" part and leave the addon name.Hope it helps.

Best Regards.
Please give us an example of your addon directory tree

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