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Hey, im enntex.
Living in germany.

Im new to WoW vanilla. I started playing in the past on official server (version burning crusade) and quit WoW at Cataclysm.

Can someone tell me if this is a blizzlike server or instant 60 PvP ?
Did not really understand which kind of server I registered to.

Btw: im donwloading the game at the moment.
Hope to see some of you guys ingame Smile
Im very excited after some years without WoW.

Ah... and I play rogue Wink


Welcome to the community!

The server is instant 60.

Genieße deine Zeit hier!
Hey, dankeschön.
Bin echt gespannt.
Willkommen habe nach 10 Jahren hier wieder angefangen zu spielen. Viel Erfolg !!
Willkommen! Hoffe es gefällt dir hier Smile
Vuq Undead Rogue
Vautrin Undead Priest
Vutumn Undead Warlock
Herzlich willkommen! Ich freue mich darauf, dich im Spiel zu sehen! ^^
Welcome mate, this is a private server, not the classic server.
This server has

-An instant 60 feature, so no leveling is needed
-Fast and efficient access to raiding
-A constant population (and actually growing right now I'm sure you can guess why)
-Super active PVP scene, and PVE scene as well and even more at peak times with bgs taking place all the time, and active guilds and/or players recruiting in world chat

And overall, great philosophy that allows players to have access to core aspects of the game without spending ridiculous amount of months farming

Enjoy your stay !

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