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Hello, my name is Brian known to retro-wow as Kryminal. A Warrior main. I am 22 years old and live in Slovakia. I have about 17 BiS alts if not more not sure lost track of it. I tried to stay fairly hidden up until now as I know how toxic some people can be, but lately with all the things goin on in the world I kind of do not care anymore so here I am. Not many people know this but I am also the owner of the Guild "Buff Addicts". First I came to retro in 2019 I think around May or June. So yeah kind of late to introduce myself now but here it is haha. I play WoW since 2006 yes I started very young.
I spent most of those years on Private Wotlk servers with PvP being my main focus and one day I had been wanting to go back to vanilla for those juicy legendaries and PvE as vanilla has always been a great childhood memory of mine and I remember wishing I had those legendaries back then. So I came to Retro to have that wish come true and I did. I have also been a Game Master on multiple servers in the past and have overall great wow knowledge. Nowadays I enjoy Tanking AV or Naxx, but I also do other instances in case I feel like helping someone get gear. Thats about all there is to know about me atleast I think for now. Anyway just wanted to say Hi o/ c(:
The Mastermind ♥
Welcome to the forums mate
Hiii Kryminal Smile
This is an example of how mature a person can be despite his young age. I met him when I was little more than "starter" (even if I play wow too from the beginning on classic) on this server, some months ago, in some casual run and loved the passion, the patience and altruism to play with some little chars like me fighting in  BWL when he just done full NAXX with his shining orange sword.
Now I've too some bis chars (tank with orange sword too! Tongue), joined <Buff Addicts>, and I have same attitude to help people and play chill runs with some person that I can call friends.
Hope this can be useful to make a better world (even the virtual one Wink)

PS: +1 for gkick serial trtlers and toxic players! Tongue

"Light Be With You"

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