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Screen Resolution Issue
Somehow the game client is unable to detect my monitor resolution, and even I manually set resolution in Config.WTF, the game client just goes to back to default setting when it starts.

I have Walmart's Overpowered Laptop 15+, and it has Intel UHD Graphic 630 & nVidia GTX1060 6GB. Also, I use 1080p external monitor. Somehow the client just not able detect any of it.

I have to play the game in window mode 1280 x 1024 resolution, so it's having a game window in the middle part of the monitor while both sides are Windows background.

For some reason, nVidia control center is only able to see external monitor instead of built-in monitor, and Intel controller program seems to lock on using the built-in monitor.

My brother has a old dell computer desktop and an external 1080p, and his game client has no problem using 1080p graphic.

I would much appreciate if anyone knows how to make the client able to detect and use 1080p.
Sometimes a simple restart has helped me with wow resolution issues when having multiple screens connected.
You can check file and edit manually it to set your resolution
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I sometimes got the same issue with my ultrawide screen and following things helped me to get it on 2560x1080:

Set your monitor as only showing device, so basically disable your laptop's screen, restart your computer and retry.
For some reason the approach doesnt work for me either, but you can try to manually set it to your resolution and check the read-only option.

For me the first approach works quite good tho. One further problem is, that if you put your laptop to energy saving mode, the screen resolution gets resetted again and you have to restart your laptop, but i always have my PC on sleep-mode, so this is not really a problem for me.
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