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Noob lock here
Hello, this is Strikeout, orc female warlock.

Some people might know me since I've been playing Retro-wow for an year now.

Um, my introduction, 

I have a wife & 2 lovely children, and run a trading company in Korea. (only playing wow in the office during weekdays. cannot play wow at home, my wife HATES it QQ)

In game, you will see me mostly in Arathi Basin.

I love ninja flag-captures in AB alone (yea ninja warlock), and like to rush into 3-4 people & die fast. So when you see me do that, please send your /love /hug instead of POM Pyro, Execute, NS Chain Lightning <3

I look forward to seeing you all in bg !! 

Hi o/
The Mastermind ♥
Strike!! ^^

Retro: Strikeout Joins the Battleground

Everyone: *Leaves*

Look forward to seeing you in-game again! xD
Heeey!  Heart Big Grin
Vuq Undead Rogue
Vautrin Undead Priest
Vutumn Undead Warlock

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