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New on server
Hello everyone  Smile

My name is Krystian, i just created account on this server,

Long time ago I played wow ( previous versions) and had lots of fun. Now i would like to refresh that feeling  Big Grin

I started Mage in standard first place, can somebody tell me please what should i do first? what should i buy  ( i want buy some gold so if there is something for gold please refer me ),where to go to exp, what best skills i should choose in tree etc? 

Wanted just to ask you guys for advice how to best start because im bit lost being fair :p long time not played and forgot what is where and which NPC etc. 

If there is another topic about that - sorry in advance :p like i said im new,

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Hello, Krystian. Welcome to the best wow private server.

I suggest you to check Kloze's guide to Retro-wow.
There is a section for new players with a lot of useful info. There you will find the answers.

Also you will need pre-raid best in slot list to gear your mage properly.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your answer and links - lots of usefull stuff Big Grin

If you wouldn't mind could you meet me in game this weekend? you know to help me out bit on very beginning?

Or maybe someone who you could refer me as good one to help on start?

Think always best in practice show all, we could even talk on ts/discord if you wouldnt mind Smile

Thank you for your help.

It depends on help you are looking for.

As for me I do low-tier raids rarely. Anyway, I could do a few runs with you.

I strongly recommend you to join guild that raids mc,zg, bwl and aq. There are plenty of them here.

If you have any questions about theorycrafting, retro-specific mechanics, tactics etc or you want me to show you the server/starter raids, feel free /w me in game. Nick is the same.
Hiiya Krystian! ^^

Look forward to seeing you in-game! Big Grin
Welcome!  Big Grin
Vuq Undead Rogue
Vautrin Undead Priest
Vutumn Undead Warlock

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