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Old Timers - Really!
We've been out of Wow for a number of years.  My wife (Pattylee) had numerous veteran accounts up through Cataclysm. Life, budgets, and family (growing boys) took us out.  Prior to our WoW days, we had legacy Ultima Online accounts as well, which gave way to our addiction to WoW.  

A few years back we were introduced to private servers for UO and joined a family oriented shard. Played there a number of years, but time has had it's impact on that server as well as the player population has dwindled to but a few faithful.

You only see another play every few days and when you do, nine times out of ten they are AFK.

That isn't a lot of fun playing a massive online game with no masses. So we investigated the private servers for WoW, and here we are. We just signed up yesterday, and are already moving along nicely. 

Sadly, we've probably forgotten more about the game than we can remember. Therefore we may ask a stupid noob question from time to time, but please think of it as being kind to a graying individual with 'Oldtimers'. 

Right now we have three burning issues that we haven't been able to figure out.
1. I have a pet in the stable that I can't use. He just sets there. I just bought an extra pet slot for 5 gold and I still can't figure out how to get him out and use him.
2. Ranged weapons - Can't the them to fire. Started with a bow and couldn't find bow training, so moved to crossbow for which we were able to get training but the arrows didn't shoot. Then flipped to guns and their rounds to fire either. So we are ranged handicapped. 
3. My wife has learned skinning on her toon, but for some reason she can't skin... I'm guessing that this is because she may not have the right knife for skinning but I did look and it does say skinning knife.  When I get done here I'm going to sit with her toon for a bit and try and figure out what has gone sideways for her.

Regardless, we are happy to be here. As I said, my wife is Pattylee my toons all start with the name Kip and then what they are, so Kiphunter, Kipmage, Kiprogue, and Kippriest are all me.

Looking forward to meeting folks and having fun re-exploring Warcraft!

Welcome to the server, Kip!

For your pet, simply dragging and dropping the pets from the stable to your selected one in the menu should do the trick.
For your ranged weapons, make sure you select the proper ammo and place it in the correct spot near your equipped ranged weapon in your character panel.
Skinning is done by leveling it with the associated creatures; I would suggest going somewhere like Durotar or Elwynn Forest to start.

We do hope you both enjoy your time, and you are always welcome to make a ticket if you need help!

GM BAM & the RW Staff
Welcome to the server and our community!

If you'd have more questions, you can /w me in game. I'd be glad to help.
Hiiya & Welcome! ^^

Look forward to seeing you and your wife in-game! Big Grin
Watch me
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