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I might have screwed up
I'm new here (old WoW player but not played for years!).  I created a hunter as my first toon. He has a pet but the pet is stuck in the stable because I don't know how to summon it from the stable. I've looked everywhere and can't find anything regarding pet retrieving. Could someone fill me in or did I misconfigure my hunter and need to start all over again?

The other thing is ranged weapons don't work at all on my hunter. even though I pair the ammo with the weapon I can't shoot at anything. Again misconfigured or is there something that I should be doing that I'm not?

Thanks Loads!
Speak to the stable master and move your pet from the stabled pet slot to the current pet slot. When it is in this slot you can call or revive it with your spells! Stable should look like this, you cannot call a pet if it is in the stable:

Please notice that it takes almost a week of time and LOTS OF FOOD until a pet becomes accustomed to you. Pets you just tamed have a high chance of disapperaring again!
In this image you can see a pet that got loyality up to level 6. Keep that small smiley next to your pet always green by feeding it. (Hover your mouse over it and u see what your pet eats)

To shoot your bow please make sure, that you have the right the ability to autoshoot in your bar (don't drag the weapon/item into your action bar)! You can see the 3 different abilities when u press P (shoot xbow/gun/bow)

Maybe it doesnt work, bc u didnt max your skills yet (vanilla wasnt designd to start at 60 Wink For this target yourself and type .maxskill in the chat. (You also have to learn all weapon skills, if you havent done this yet. NPCs for this are in Hyjal (3 npcs that look like flying hornets between class trainers and item npc's))

more tipps for hunters here:

keep the groove Smile
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]

Nothing waisted in your reply and I greatly appreciate it, but my issue was lack of understanding with the interface... I now can handle my pet and I can even shoot bow. Good grief that was crazy. 

 Next challenge is to manage the 12 control panels... I think there is something that switches between them.

Again! Thanks!

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