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Training past 150
I'm going crazy trying to find a trainer for First Aid, Fishing, and Cooking.  I've worked the skill up to 150 and now I'm stuck.  Someone know a way around this dilemma? Every Trainer I check has no item to bump up the training cap and both cooking and first Aid I have things I can learn at a higher level. I just can't get there.. Help!

Kip... Huh Huh Huh

You need books to progress from 150 to 225. Just buy and use them.

After that, when you reach 225 skill you also won't find a trainer or a book to progress, that's because there is a quest for each profession that allows to level it up from 225 to 300. You can get more information about quests in almost every vanilla profession guide.

I saw in another thread that hunter is your first toon and I want to warn you. If you like PVP,  there are no problems - hunters are good at PVP. But at PVE there is an issue: it's hard to get in AQ40 raid as hunter and nearly imbpossible to get in Naxxramas. That's why choosing hunter as your first toon in case you want to raid isn't the best descision.

If you still want to play as hunter, here is a short guide for gearing him up:
1. Raid aq20, mc, zg, bwl and get some epics.
2. Play battlegrounds after that. There are custom quests that allow trading warsong/ab/av marks for gold. During the weekends the exchange rate is higher.
3. Buy best in slot naxx gear for the gold you earned from batllegrounds.
4. Now you have bis hunter and you can wreck in PVP, but still even bis hunters are not welcomed in Naxx raids.
  Thanks for the links and the assistance finding my leather craft training in Thunderbluff… Since we got out of WoW years ago both my wife and I have forgotten more than we retained.  It gets frustrating.  

  Know that you and your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Leveling up and having fun...
You're welcome. Feel free to /w me if you need help.
That's why choosing hunter as your first toon in case you want to raid isn't the best descision.
Thanks for this, I will check!

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