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Make AV 40 man
Alot of players if not all would prefer AV being 40 man and an actual battleground than this PvE farming meta. It's just rushing atm to boss . If team A doesnt have a tank they dont even pvp the enemy team, they just WINTRADE being like " let em win we have no tank " This is a rule brake and it happens frequently.
So please change AV, make it 40man as it SHOULD be and make it a real bg again. 
If people wanna gold farm i mean they can go corehounds.

It can start like it does, and add 1 player each time like it is atm, but allow more people to join up to 40 as it was designed for Originally.
That will also promote new gameplay tactics and futures, making this "rush for gold " impossible al;ong with the wintrading meta of "let em win we dont have a tank or heals or ranged dps nobody def pls" which happens ALOT btw ALMOST EVERY BG. to do which is a good thing cos as stated above, it's a battleground.
No, bad idea..
minus 15.

AV is good the way it is imo.
No, bad idea..
AV is good the way it is imo.

Also, there are several topics on this already. Pls continue in relevant topic. /delete thread
I like your idea a lot!

Playing og AV again is what I‘m dreamin of since 2006 Wink
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
Shit idea.

Don't like AV as it is? don't join!

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