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Increase PvE Boss Gold Drop
Hey everyone, I was thinking today that it could be a nice idea to raise the Gold drop on all PvE bosses to 500g (100g for each party member per boss kill). AV offers so much gold that most of the time its hard to find a group for raids, especially for starters, which matter the most. The current quests for killing "x" trash mobs rarely get done bc people just want to rush the bosses.

If we offer some gold reward for killing bosses, it offers a reward to help starters get at least some gold for PvEing bc most drops are useless and it can take many runs to see the item you need, plus not everyone likes AV or PvP for that matter. It also gives geared players a reason to go back and do the easy raids which will create more Raid groups for starters to come in and get helped by the veteran players.

Maybe we can have different gold rewards based on the raid difficulty ladder:
Ony/ZG/AQ20=500g drop (100g for each member)
MC/BWL=625g drop (125g for each member)
AQ40=750g drop (150g for each member)
Naxx=875g drop (175g for each member)

Something along these lines. Could offer a bonus on World Bosses Azuregos and Kazzak as well as the emerald dragons.

Could also add quests for each raid for killing the final boss, "Bring me the Burning Essence of Ragnaros." and "Bring me a tentacle of C'thun."

Another way of implementing this could be for each boss killed drops a "Molten Core Boss Token" or "Blackwing Lair Boss Token." in which you would exchange 1 token for the gold amount above instead of raw gold just dropping from the boss.

If you have any opinions on this or ideas to better this suggestion please comment.

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