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ban appeal
Hello Ossirian,

username: huyaxiaohuo    Char:  battleman
Username: shuigoule        Char: Oldhunter

I acknowledge that I was multiboxing using the two accounts in the bg which is in violation of the rules. I know I have no excuse for my mistake and I feel guilty for playing unfairly for the other players in the RetroWoW server. 

I sincerely want to apologize for my cheating. I hope I can get a second chance to play again in this wonderful WOW world. I used to play WoW since 2005 but paused at 2007 due to the study reason. I joined the server since last summer and I really like it. It reminds me all the memories when I first join WOW. So I played it almost everyday after work. It is a good place to relax and enjoy. I made friends here and go raids with them.

Please reconsider my account ban. I promise I will never break any rule again.

Thank you,
An old player

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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