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Sapphiron died before wings wiped
Dear Ossirian
 1. Character name: Sampula  human paladin
2. Reason: [b]Rule 11) Using any kind of bugs, exploits or abusing the terrain
  • 48 hours or permanent.
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):      

       today i found a team kill Sapphiron before wings wiped.
team leader is : Sampula  human paladin

        i was invited before 2 wings left (plague wing and DK wing),  i was kicked after plague wing all done , and DK wing last boss left. the 4DK is the last boss with last wing in this ID
        i enter the NAXX with alt char after kicked , i ask for a reason ,  there were no appropriate answer,
they even make a showy of 4 ppl 4DK doning  to me ,  then i enterd frost wing .
      i found Sapphiron died already.

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Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
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